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The fourth Mandela Effect quiz is up for readers to take. Like those before it, I try to mix in both old and new claimed changes that people have attributed to the phenomenon. There seems to be no shortage of material, so I should be able to write up a few more quizzes in the coming weeks. I also highlighted the CERN theories, many fueled by not only a lack of understanding by the general public about what they are doing, but also themselves. Not to mention the contradictory dismissiveness associated with some of the reported less-than-ideal behavior some of their alumni partake in.

I mentioned how, depending on beliefs, the theory behind CERN's involvement overlapped with some previous hypotheses, albeit focusing more on the occult and/or Illuminati conspiracies. This next concept, however, potentially combines any and all of the debated theories and because of this — among other reasons — is the one that troubles me the most. It sells me on being one of the most probable explanations of The Mandela Effect.

That is, that we are living within a simulated reality.

It is All Around Us

There are many who believe that the world — or Universe — around us is not exactly as it seems. Sure, this could be said about many of the theories we've talked about throughout this series, and those we'll discuss in future segments, but this concept questions what we perceive as reality entirely. That aroma you smell that triggers fond (or not so fond) memories of a particular moment in your life. The smooth feel of a lover's skin as you run your hands over them. A beautiful sunset observed far off in the distance from your deck, enjoying a soft breeze, while sipping on a cup of homemade tea.

Everything you experience. Nothing more than a computer simulation. An illusion. An existence that is so "real" that we are unable to distinguish it from actual reality.

But what is reality? What is real?

The Matrix

The Matrix is a movie based on and possibly largely responsible for popularizing the concept of living within a simulated reality, despite being argued by scientists for decades. In the film, Humankind developed AI, which over the years became sentient and eventually waged a war against their creators; entrapping, harvesting, and controlling them through the use of a computer-generated dream world. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it, it's one of my favorites!

While there are a few who think that this has already taken place and have sworn their allegiance to our newly discovered AI Overlords, most opt for less dramatic, yet equally disturbing (for many) scenarios. They believe that either an alien race has designed this grand program (and possibly us), or that we ourselves became so advanced in our technological endeavors that we created the simulation. The why waters can get a little murky. Some think for learning purposes, others believe control, and even more think it's for our own protection from the harsh reality of the really real world. There's a fairly wide spectrum of possibilities people latch onto.

Whatever the argued reasons behind our purported "true" Matrix, the fact remains that there is a good chunk of society that subscribes to this concept.

Overwriting Data

When first introduced to The Mandela Effect, the leading theory (as I believe it still is) revolved around Parallel Universes. About how they were replacing one another and/or bleeding together, which was causing the phenomenon. When my girlfriend became triggered by a handful of the examples, she became slightly distressed, asking how it would be possible for it all to be occurring. The standard whos and whys that many affected by the effect are plagued with.

When trying my best to explain to her what could possibly explain the phenomenon, beyond false memories which we both rejected as being the reason behind so many shared instances, I kept getting stuck on how all the relatively subtle changes being witnessed seemed grammatical. "Is" became "Was", "A" to "The", "In" to "And", names dropping or gaining an "S' or their spellings shifting towards mimicking pronunciations. It made me think of a computer self-correcting or overwriting data, even if the known instances didn't necessarily make sense in the context of said change.

And then I realized that many of the phenomenon theories, if not all, would be completely functional within a simulated reality. Some, like Parallel Universes and Quantum Computers, make even more sense. A simulation would be able to create the infinite paths of choices each and every one of us could make, which we perceive as Parallel Universes and computers built that could potentially interact with them; allowing the program's source code to be accessed and fiddled with.

I became scared, given the high probability we were all interacting within a fabricated dream world. I found temporary solace in the belief that it made more sense that Parallel Universes were merging or bleeding together, because of the fact that not everyone was affected. Many people remember cited instances as being accurate and how they have always been throughout history. The ones who continually fall back on False Memories and Memory Confabulation, ridiculing those experiencing the phenomenon.

For some reason it didn't compute at the time that there was actually an explanation for that...

A Glitch in the Matrix

Many people mention how Deja Vu, like in the movie clip above, are possibly remembered glimpses into these Parallel Universes. The girlfriend and I have had multiple instances of Deja Vu from moments we believe (or know) we've dreamt.  There are many who have these experiences, however, that don't have recollections of them first occurring in a dream. They are simply left with the nagging feeling that they've already lived that current moment before.

While it's not exactly the same in regards to The Mandela Effect, that triggered feeling is. An instinct that something isn't right. Knowing that something was definitely different than is now currently accurate throughout history. And when it comes to a glitch potentially taking place, it would explain why not everyone remembers things exactly the same. Mind you, I'm not meaning interpretation or denying the fact that sometimes our faulty memories are to blame. But when there are such large numbers of people remembering things how others recall them "originally" being and then discovering residual evidence that potentially validates their memories, I find it hard to accept that there isn't something more significant than misremembering taking place.

Are our memories (reality) being continually overwritten? Nothing more than software patches or updates being implemented into a massive simulated existence, which all of us are trapped within? Are some people not being affected by these updates, actually bugs and glitches in the system, The Matrix?

These glitches would be a very reasonable consideration for explaining The Mandela Effect, inside of a simulated world. Those experiencing the phenomenon would be those who have somehow not been fully overwritten by a program update/patch. Just like any software, there's the potential for bugs and the product not working as intended. Can it be fixed?

If The Matrix is real, who is the wizard behind the curtain pulling the strings? Aliens? Ourselves? The system itself?

Just how serious do people take the Simulated Hypothesis? Are there significant, prominent members within the science community that believe this concept has any validity?

We will explore these questions in the next segment!


Have you ever seen The Matrix? Do you believe it's possible that we are living within a simulated Universe? Have you ever experienced Deja Vu? Do you think it's possible that The Mandela Effect is potentially proof of glitches in The Matrix? If we are truly stuck within a simulated reality, who do you think created it? Do you think it's possible to escape it?