I know, I know... two Marvel movie trailers for [Mostly] Wordless Wednesday posts in a row, that's ridiculous! But I'm still unable to do reaction videos at this time and this is one highly anticipated entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), so I couldn't just let it slide by until I was feeling better.

It looks amazing so far and I can only imagine we will get a slew of additional trailers/TV spots/First Looks in the coming months leading up to its release.

It's been announced that the Infinity War saga will mark a definitive conclusion to the first three phases of the MCU, but there are still 20+ movies in the works. What can we expect as a result from this event? Which heroes will survive, which will die? The hype is real!

Have you been following along with all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies? If so, which has been your favorite franchise so far? so you have a favorite specific movie? Are you excited for the Infinity War saga? Who do you predict will fall to Thanos?