With the recent dumps of classified CIA files on JFK and being the anniversary of his death, this seemed like the time to touch upon the conspiracies surrounding his assassination. To an extent...

This is a Mandela Effect (ME) that I've been hesitant to do. Not so much as a matter of content, but how long and exhausting the entry would be. Then I realized I wouldn't have to focus on all the nuances involved, but rather just how it related to the ME, which greatly lightened the stress factor.

So how does the JFK assassination connect with the ME and Mandela Monday? Back in Part Four (my second ME quiz) I asked the following question:

How many people were in the president's car during the JFK Assassination (WARNING: graphic content)?

Were you correct? Or were there more or less than you remember? Does the car look the same as you recall? These questions, along with others concerning the infamous Zapruder film, have fueled those affected by the Mandela Effect in their search for understanding the phenomenon. Some cite this as one of the most convincing examples that turned them on the Mandela Effect. Why so? What do many of those affected remember?

In the video, though zoomed in for a time, you can see there are six people in the car. Two Secret Service officers in the front, Governor John Connally and his wife in the middle, with President Kennedy and Jacqueline in the back. I'll also note the window partisan between the Secret Service agents and the other occupants of the vehicle as it is somewhat relevant.

Those affected by the phenomenon, including myself, only remember four people in the car — JFK and his wife, Connally, and the driver. They also don't recollect that partisan I mentioned.

So, to be completely honest and transparent, one of my biggest arguments in attempts to support this Mandela Effect, was how the conspiracy theory surrounding the driver being involved in the assassination seemed to be null and void, which was preposterous to me, because it was a long standing theory. In fact, when showing a video to a friend (who isn't much a believer in the Mandela Effect, despite having many of the same memory discrepencies as others) when researching this topic over a year ago mentioned how the only thing he noticed was the lack of the driver looking back during the event. I guess that is why it (thinking the driver didn't look back) sticks in my mind.

A new theory, which I had never heard of before, revolved around Jackie's involvement in his death, delivering the supposed kill shot. Say what? Here is a video by YouTube content creator, Esoteric Detective. Again, a WARNING about the graphic content in this and future videos featuring the assassination:

Anyhow, despite all of that, the driver is clearly shown looking back when viewing other videos too:

There is also that distinct optical illusion that gives the appearance that the driver is actually brandishing a gun before the fatal shot takes place. It's possible that videos I watched while researching this Mandela Effect were just so low quality I missed it, potentially altered (though, not sure why), or maybe I just didn't focus on it as much being I was already confused by what I felt were more passengers involved (and a different looking car). Most likely people will chalk it up to False Memories, along with the entire phenomenon. Either way, I'm just trying to be honest!

I never had any investment into the driver theory in particular, but knew it was an incredibly prominent one. I would, honestly, still argue that having to shoot between two people (given Connally and his wife are in between JFK and the driver — now?) seems even more unlikely. So much so that it seems even more absurd that the theory would have developed so strongly in the first place. More so than with just four people in the car, despite many thinking that would be just as absurd.

Speaking of just four people in the vehicle, is there any residual evidence of this? We see some of it in Esoteric Detective's video above. Here's another by him, which he gathers a handful of examples most other researchers cite into one video:

I just want to mention that the LIFE magazine that many researches cite for this Mandela Effect does state that the car featured was not the actual (or replica of) vehicle in which JFK was assassinated in. Some seem to have missed that or disingenuously fail to disclose that. I find the Secret Service video the most interesting. There are, of course, other examples, but for the sake of keeping this entry from continuing on for another 1500 words I will wrap this up here.

There is no doubt that JFK's assassination is one of the most notorious events in history with some of the most unrelenting conspiracy theories surrounding it. Even more so now with the recent CIA document dumps flooding the internet. I have no doubt even more theories will spawn over the coming weeks, months, and years as researchers mull through them all!

As for the Mandela Effect and changes to the assassination? I understand that it will be even harder for people to swallow the concept of major events like this changing even more so than the conspiracies embroiled within it. And in being honest, I naturally already cast some doubt on my memory as is, but I only remember four people in the car (which I should add, many blame the angles of the videos showing mostly the four in the back, which is a very valid observation and could account for these memories on some level). It is what it is.

I realize this is a depressing topic overall, but I just want to end on a higher note and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy good food, family, friends, and try to avoid talking politics at the dinner table! Until next time!

How many people do you remember being in the car during JFK's assassination? Does the car look the same or slightly different? Did you witness the event live? Did you research the assassination at all after the fact? Do you believe some of the conspiracies surrounding the event? If so, which? Have you heard of theories about Jackie being involved in the assassination? What do you think about the residual evidence about the car being a four-seater? Why do you think so many people only remember four passengers? Have you researched any of the recent CIA document dumps?

Have you found any different residual evidence associated with the subject matter above?