Back to the movie quotes! Tonight we focus on an incredibly popular movie, Jaws, and a specific iconic line spoken during a very memorable scene.

I remember loving sharks as a child, but for some reason through the years, possibly thanks to this franchise (which I liked), I eventually became afraid of them. To the point where I am very indifferent to ever swimming in the ocean or any body of water in which these beasts from hell occupy. I may still find them fascinating creatures, but I want nothing to do with them!

Anyway, back in my introduction to the Mandela Effect, I asked this question regarding the movie:

What is the iconic line spoken by Roy Scheider, in regards to a boat, after his character Chief Brody catches a glimpse of the shark in Jaws?

Is the line as you remember it?

There is a lot of residual evidence for those who remember the quote slightly different. YouTube content creator, Light of Life Productions, demonstrates a good number of them below:

I'm not sure why, but I particularly like the Xfinity Comcast example, being they are using a quote to have the movie selection come up. I think there is another commercial from them where they feature Forrest Gump's quote that has supposedly changed as well.

The following video by YouTube content creator, Same Feet, goes into analyzing why the current "You're" version Vs "We're" version doesn't make contextual sense. It's a bit longer, but I think there are some decent points made, if interested in checking it out:

This next purported change doesn't resonate with me at all, but maybe it will with some of you.

YouTube content creator, MoneyBags73, cites how he recalls the actual logo for Jaws being different:

NOTE 5/7/2018: New residual evidence offered from MoneyBags73...

So there are some of the potential changes to Jaws that have been cited via those affected by the Mandela Effect. Do you share any of their memories?

Were you a fan of the Jaws franchise? Did you get the movie quote right? Did you remember "We're" or "You're"? What do you feel could have caused the misquote? Do you remember the movie logo being different? Why would Richard Dreyfuss remember the line wrong? What do you think about the residual evidence provided? Are you afraid of sharks?!

Have you found any different residual evidence associated with the subject matter above?