It is upon us again. Extra Life's 24 Hour Gaming Marathon! The organization has been around for almost a decade, raising over $30 million, bringing gamers together and healing kids. I'm four years in and hope to participate for years to come. I love that I'm able to partake in one of my passions, while simultaneously helping children in need.

I've spoken about my current run with Extra Life a handful of times, so if interested you can check out the video below:

What's new this year? The Cryton Crusaders! I thought I would try to create a team this year to join me on my quest. Most of these people are those I already game with on a regular basis and have assisted in my endeavors in the past. I was a bit nervous about forming the team, but everything seems to be swimming along splendidly. In fact, we are already over halfway to our $1,000 goal, which is amazing!

What else is new? My insulin-induced neuropathy, which sucks. But I'm going to try to go for as long as I can and, by taking some precautions, remain relatively hopeful I'll still be able to crush the entire event! I may just need to rest a little more than usual. If worse comes to worse, I can always make up time considering we start the marathon a full eight hours before the official launch. Easy peasy!

So starting at midnight on November 4th, 2017, we will begin Extra Life's marathon and attempt to reach our team's donation goal. It would be great if you participated and/or followed along. Any and all help/support is much appreciated by the entire Cryton Crusaders team!

Wish us luck!

Some repeated info:

If interested in donating on my behalf (all proceeds going to Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare), you can do so via my Extra Life Profile: Jak Cryton

If interested in donation on behalf of someone else with the Cryton Crusaders (or would like to join), you can do so from the team page, clicking on "roster", and choosing a member there: Cryton Crusaders

Have you participated in Extra Life's fundraising? If so, did you partake in the Extra Life Game Day event? If not, does it sound like something you'd enjoy? If you have or would like to, what games (video, card, board, or otherwise) would you love to play while raising money for children?