Included in the first Mandela Effect Quiz featured on The Cryton Chronicles were many memorable movie lines that have supposedly been misquoted throughout the years. One such line comes from a classic baseball-themed film starring Kevin Costner:

What does Kevin Costner's character hear whispered in the wind, while out in a corn field, in Field of Dreams?

If familiar with the movie, is that iconic line still the same as you remember? Or has is changed?

Many affected by the Mandela Effect don't remember "If you built it, he will come", which the quote has always been. Instead, they remember "If you build it, they will come". But, thankfully, those who remember "they" over "he" aren't alone! Below is a scene from (surprise, surprise) another Mike Myers film, Wayne's World 2. The reference takes place around the 1:30 mark.

This will be the second Myers movie referencing a famous movie quote that has been cited as being affected by the Mandela Effect. The other was the Star Wars quote featured in the first Mandela Monday segment two weeks ago. It's almost like he enjoys paying his own brand of homage to films that left lasting impressions.

Next up we have a Field of Dreams sequel parody that also references the movie.

I suppose I'd watch a full-length sequel based on that parody. And remember, just because it's a parody it doesn't mean the creators are changing the quote from the original source, and instead actually remember it being that way.

Below is another actor who you'll find coming up time and time again throughout these residual evidence pieces. Jim Carrey, whose projects have referenced many cited changes. I want to note that this clip provided is altered in speed, I think. Supposedly this was done in attempts to avoid copyright infringement. I link the original video underneath it, though, if preferring.

If wanting to see the clip (or full episode) at normal speed, check it out here : Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee S6E3. I wasn't able to embed it, but likely because of that same copyright aspect. Again, the specific Field of Dreams reference comes around the 14:45 mark.

There may be some spoilers below, in case you haven't seen the movie and care about those kinds of things... Like I do!

Most arguments backing the current iteration of the quote is that the movie is, at its heart, about the main character's relationship (or lack thereof) with his father. It's a core theme in the movie that not even proponents of the Mandela Effect disagree with. However, those experiencing the phenomenon (myself included), believe the quote (as we remember it) is foreshadowing people coming and paying if he were to build a baseball field, essentially saving his farm.

Hence the moving speech scene, delivered by (again, no surprise) James Earl Jones:

I thought I'd share a video of some MLB players moved by the scene reciting the speech for fun.

As for the original, I take particular interest to Costner's reaction to his first words. Where he is struck by a realization I argue is linked to his experience out in the cornfield. "If you build it, they will come" to "Ray. People will come, Ray" and the entirety of the dialogue. This scene also includes a snippet highlighting Ray's inability to upkeep his home.

They is/was also believed to simultaneously foreshadow the coming of Shoeless Joe Jackson and fellow disgraced ghosts of players, involved in throwing the 1919 World Series, to play on the baseball diamond Ray builds. In doing so, was the bonus reveal of Ray's father being among the apparitions and the two of them bonding.

I can't lie, though, that "he" works just the same. Signifying Shoeless Joe and eventually Ray's father. Many of these cited changes still make sense in their current forms, which makes it even harder to try to explain the phenomenon to those unaffected.

Either way, I don't buy into the belief that the quote was taken from the movie, adapted, and used primarily for business purposes, which then brought about the misquote. It's one of the strongest counter-Mandela Effect point offered.

Below is another MonyBags73 (a YouTube content creator) video. It features a handful of the residual evidence I shared above, but he includes a great clip from Northern Exposure and many articles. Take a look!

I think he points out a lot of great residual evidence!

As I mentioned in the previous entry, it's important to remain calm and retain your sense of humor, so enjoy...

Whether you remember "he" or "they", if you haven't yet seen Field of Dreams I highly recommend doing so! Or if it's been a while, give it another go.

Go the distance!

Have you ever seen Field of Dreams? Was the featured quote as you remember it or different? How do you recall it? Do you think the misquote spread from those adapting the movie line and repurposing it for business and promotional/advertisement needs? Does the James Earl Jones speech make more sense with "he" or "they"? What did you think of the residual evidence provided above?

Have you found any different residual evidence associated with the subject matter above?