This past Sunday was a rough day, but late in the evening the girlfriend and I had an unexpected visitor that turned our mood around. A stray cat began meowing outside our window, drawing us outside to greet the critter the girlfriend appropriately (in our opinion) nicknamed Midnight, since that was the time at which she introduced herself.

Once we were able to coax Midnight out from the bushes, she was incredibly friendly. Especially after getting her some food and water! I snapped a picture to share in the local Facebook groups notifying people in the area we found the cat, but by that time it was past 1am and most people were peacefully sleeping.

Unfortunately, after some shenanigans with attempting to keep the cat inside the apartment until morning, we had to place it back outside (at the recommendation of our vet). We had some inquiries about the cat the next day and we are hoping that if we or others now come across her that with the newfound information we can get Midnight returned to her proper owner.

I vlogged about the various situations arising this past Sunday, including tales of Midnight. If interested, feel free to check out the video below:

Have you ever had an incredibly stressful day and had something completely turn it around? Have you ever come across a lost/stray cat? Did you take them in or did you ever find their owners?