In the last entry, I mentioned how while gaming with friends I brought up a certain candy bar as being "evil" due to its cited change via the Mandela Effect (ME), which is one that seems to affect a lot of people. I suppose that makes sense as it's an incredibly popular candy bar. The reason it likely resonates with me the most is the associated hyphen... I hate hyphens. I say it every goddamn time a puzzle shows up on Wheel of Fortune that includes them. Every. Time.

Anyhow, some brief background on the candy bar incident at a game night. A friend had been away on business in Japan for two weeks and came home with an abundance of different flavors of Kit Kats. They arranged said game night and the girlfriend and I showed up ready to play some board games and devour some oddly flavored snacks! Partway through the night I bring up the discrepancy in memory with the candy's logo — the lack of a hyphen between Kit and Kat — which piqued the interest of some. Almost everyone said they recall there being a hyphen (no longer in the logo) and ask a few questions, to which I try to explain that it wasn't a rebranding and to look it up themselves.

To be fair, this was a failure in a way because apparently the Mandela Effect is clumped together with Flat Earth (something I find odd, but in a way makes sense given the "conspiratorial" nature of the ME), which successfully turned off those looking up the phenomenon. I guess no "breaks" for me...

Another issue is a lack of residual evidence for this specific cited change, or at least to my knowledge. You can find many pictures online that have been photoshopped/doctored with the dash reinserted into the logo, but I don't believe anything genuine. "Kit-Kat" is mentioned on its Wiki page, but only in reference to mutton pies, which I honestly found interesting. But then...

Literally the next weekend, at another game night with family, I come across this! This is from a game that my cousin had yet to open and play called (if I remember correctly) Bucket of Doom. I started freaking out as soon as I saw it, but no one understood what the big deal was (except my girlfriend and brother). I took a picture right away (lest the hyphen magically disappear before my eyes) and sent it to the friend (and non-ME believer) who had arranged the previous game night.

I know it's fairly blurry, I was freaking out a bit, give me a break! I'll try to get a better picture the next time I visit my cousin. My girlfriend thinks it may be even more credible given the "R" registered symbol by the name. Does that mean the creators of the game thought "Kit-Kat" was trademarked? Or did they themselves trademark it, since apparently Nestle/Hershey/Rowntree/whatever never had?

Either way, I was excited and wanted to share it! It may be the closest Kit Kat residual evidence I've come across so far!

Do you remember a hyphen in the candy bar's logo? Kit-Kat or Kit Kat? I know I keep writing it as KitKat on accident, because their logo doesn't exactly present a space between the two words.

Have you found any different residual evidence associated with the subject matter above?