Back in Part Three of Con[CERN]ing the Mandela Effect [The Devil], we addressed some of the cited changes people believe have occurred with the Bible. Specifically the King James Version [KJV]. I'd encourage you to read that entry if interested in learning about one of the more spiritual theories associated with the Mandela Effect [ME]. I've never been very religious, nor read the Bible, but some of these changes were associated with subject matter I was at least semi-familiar with. A couple of the questions were as follows:

In Isaiah 11:6, which animal will lie/lay/dwell with the lamb?

Can you recite the Lord's Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13)?

Are you familiar with these passages? Were they as you remember or have they changed? In that post we discussed some of the potential reasons for why people may have misremembered those scriptures the way that they do. For example, with Isaiah 6:11, many people — people who have studied and taught these scriptures for the better part of their lives — swear that many of these passages have been altered. They recall the "Lion" laying with the lamb, but it's always been "Wolf".

So is there any residual evidence that may back their memories? Below is one small example of a TV show citing the passage followed by a touching video by a pasture to his congregation (one I've wanted to share since writing that original piece last year) provided by YouTube content creator Esoteric Detective:

I always find watching that video of the pastor makes me emotional. He just seems so sad and confused, on the edge of feeling defeated. Maybe that's not the case (hopefully it's not!), and I can't help but wonder what his thoughts about all of this are after all this time has passed.

Finally we have a video from another YouTube content creator, Light of Light Production, whose work I've shared in the past. It's a greater compilation of residual evidence revolving around the "Lion"/"Wolf" debacle:

Whether or not you're religious, it's important to note that for a lot of these people, they've had these scriptures indoctrinated into their lives from a young age, memorizing these passages. Some eat, breathe, and dream of this day in and day out, devoted to their beliefs. Imagine the potential distress they feel when they stumble upon purported changes such as this. The potential that someone or something is somehow altering what they consider to be the word of God.

There are many more examples, but I felt that Isaiah 11:6 had so much residual evidence that I chose to feature it. Take a look at the past blog entry and do a little research on other changes existing within the KJV Bible. Maybe you'll come across something that resonates with you.

Do you use and/or study the King James Bible? Were the passages above as you remember them or were they different? What do you think about all of the potential residual evidence provided above?

Have you found any different residual evidence associated with the subject matter above?