In Part 7 of Con[CERN]ing the Mandela Effect, here on The Cryton Chronicles, I featured the third quiz made up of questions associated with the phenomenon. Many being movies and TV shows people cited as having odd changes applied to them. One of those said movies was the James Bond flick, Moonraker.

The focus of this change centers not on the leading spy, but rather the love interest of one of Bond's most notable antagonists/villains/henchmen — Jaws. That love interest was a character by the name of Dolly.

If you're familiar with the movie and characters, try to visualize the scene implying that Jaws falls in love with Dolly at "first sight" (and why) after she helps him out of a predicament. Then watch the clip below and see if everything is as you remember, or if you notice any changes. Again, specifically with Dolly.

Jaws and Dolly - Love at First Sight (Moonraker):

Did anything about Dolly strike you as odd/different? Perhaps associated with her pearly whites? Or anything missing from them?

Supposedly many people remember Dolly's character having braces. This was a factor that played a role in Jaws falling for her, given his own... teeth issues?

Now, I have to admit that even though I'm a fan of Bond movies, there are many classics I haven't watched or remember from the series. Moonraker is among them, unfortunately, so I don't have any personal nostalgic attachment to it. Others, however, are very passionate about this subject.

So what residual evidence exists out there that may back the claims of those believing the scene/character has changed? We'll start with The Simpsons:

The next clip is a commercial for a Visa Card featuring the actor, Richard Kiel, who played Jaws:

Finally we have YouTube content creator Esoteric Detective touching on the topic (the Visa Card commercial being a highlight, but more residual evidence is presented):

While the first clip from The Simpsons may be argued as vague, the Visa commercial is fairly direct and blatantly showcasing the cashier's braces.

Obviously there are those who claim Dolly never had braces to begin with. Yet, there is a subset who seem to be somewhere in between both ends of the spectrum, claiming that they [braces] have been digitally scrubbed/removed for some reason. Not only does that seem a hefty endeavor (and it begs the questions as to why?), but supposedly people have proven that the change exists on original VHS copies, meaning the task would be near impossible.

Whether a Bond fan, a believer of the Mandela Effect, or otherwise, it seems the debate about Dolly's braces will rage on from here on out!

Are you a fan of James Bond movies? If so, have you ever seen Moonraker? Do you remember the character of Dolly having braces or not? What do you believe may cause so many people to remember her having braces? What are your thoughts on some of the residual evidence provided?

Have you found any different residual evidence associated with the subject matter above?