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In the previous two segments, we explored String Theory, Quantum Mechanics, and the Multiverse. While some of the concepts may be hard to wrap your head around, those videos shared (and many more online) are available for continued reference. It is argued that these theories, which many respectable physicists posit as real, can possibly account for The Mandela Effect. This is backed even further by scientists discussing what Quantum Computers are and how they work. That is, accessing these purported Parallel Universes, taking resources from them, bringing said resources back and creating a lasting change on our own reality.

If you missed out on the presentation video for Quantum Computers in the last post, I highly recommend checking it out!

Before moving on to another, possibly more nefarious culprit of the phenomenon, we take another brief intermission. I present the third Mandela Effect quiz!

More of that Movie Magic

I know many of these changes come in the form of movie, TV show, and song quotes/titles/lyrics, and not everyone is a entertainment buff, but they generally trigger the effect for a lot of people. The ones presented here are fairly popular in their own right. Honestly, I'm unfamiliar with a few, but they've been cited by many others.

Remember, answer only from memory (when applicable) and when watching a video, make sure to actually watch it in its entirety, since the titles may be misleading!

1. What was the famous line delivered by the character Ricky Ricardo, of I Love Lucy, when Lucy got into some sort of trouble, sometimes following "Lucy, I'm home..." (sorry, couldn't find any videos. On that site, the answer is detailed in the "Context" section)?

2. In Crocodile Dundee, Mick and Sue are confronted by a mugger who pulls a knife on them. What's Dundee's famous line in response to the incident?

3. What iconic line was spoken by William Shatner's Star Trek character, Captain Kirk, when wanting (or needing) to be transported back to the Starship Enterprise?

4. In The Wizard of Oz, when first arriving to the magical land, what famous line does Dorothy say to her dog, Toto, in regards to Kansas?

The next entries aren't so much trivia questions as they are mental remembrances. These are more geared towards those who are fans of the movies in question, holding a heightened affinity for them. They don't involve movie quotes, but they do involve scenes from movies that people claim are different than they were originally. Once again we have a clip from The Wizard of Oz, followed by the James Bond movie Moonraker. Pay close attention and see if anything strikes you as odd and/or out of place from how you recollect the clips.

The Haunted Forest (The Wizard of Oz):

Jaws and Dolly - Love at First Sight (Moonraker):

An Exercise in Visualization

In this next section, much like in the last two videos above, you will be asked to remember certain trademarks, logos, characters, landmarks, etc. Take your time, there's no rush. One by one, attempt to fully form an image in your mind as close as you can of said subjects from memory alone.  Then click on the answer to see if you notice any discrepancies. Again, some of these may be so specific you aren't familiar in the first place, but that's okay. Remember The Mandela Effect triggers differently, if at all, for everyone.

Try to visualize The Monopoly Guy/Mr. Monopoly (Rich Uncle Pennybags), from the famous game created by Parker Brothers and published by Hasbro. List as many prominent features of the mascot as you can. How accurate were you?

Visualize the iconic portrait of Mona Lisa to the best of your ability. Does anything appear different than you remember?

Can you bring to mind the Ford Motor Company logo? Notice any changes you were unfamiliar with?

Do you remember what the astrological zodiac sign for Capricorn looks like? Were you correct?

Eli Whitney is a famous inventor in American history. Try to remember as many details as possible about his upbringing, profession, and accomplishments. How accurate were you?

Back to Basics

Okay, time to get back to more standard trivia questions! These are a bit mixed in topics, but again, answer to the best of your ability before checking the answers!

1. Who hosted a number of Travel Channel series titled Bizarre Foods, Bizarre Foods America, and Bizarre World?

2. In the movie Gremlins, what was the name of Gizmo's arch nemesis and leader of The First Batch?

3. Your bologna has a first name, it's O-S-C-A-R. Does your bologna have a second name? If so, what is it?

And this concludes our 3rd installment of The Mandela Effect Quiz!

We are about to tread onto some of the even larger conspiracy theories entangled with the phenomenon, so stay tuned...


Did any of the questions trigger The Mandela Effect for you? How many of the movie quotes did you get right in the first section? If wrong, how do you remember them? In the visualization sections, did you notice anything different than you remember? How accurate were you? Which elements did you get wrong? How many questions did you answer correctly in the final trivia section? Were you surprised by any of the answers?