So, you may be wondering why I left out the full name of this children's arcade in the excerpt. That would be because the name itself is the point of contention in tonight's cited Mandela Effect (ME) example! By now, you've likely already said the name the way you recall it, but there's a chance that some won't. This means I will just jump right into the question associated with this topic from back in Part 19 of my CON[CERN]ING THE MANDELA EFFECT series:

What's the name of the famous family arcade entertainment center/restaurant whose mascot is that of a giant mouse, who sometimes performs shows in an animatronic band?

Was the name as you remember it or is it now slightly different?

This is one of those brand logo/name changes — with a very subtle (many may feel insignificant) change with a single letter/word — that is commonly discussed among those experiencing the phenomenon. They also pose a challenge to post about individually as I obviously want to avoid polluting anyone's memories by showing said logo or name in the titles/excerpts/etc.

Though the arcade has been known as Chuck E. Cheese's since its creation in 1977, many remember it sans the "s" at the end. Simply Chuck E. Cheese. This is how I remember it, but admittedly, I believe the first arcade I was exposed to was a direct competitor's (Showbiz Pizza) version called Circus Circus Pizza (or just Circus Pizza?).

Here are some examples of potential residual evidence provided by YouTube content creator Moneybags73:

I can only assume the Chuck E. Cheese referenced in Me, Myself, & Irene is the same Chuck E. Cheese, but I can't be 100% positive:

There have been a few more examples of reality residue offered, but I have yet to verify them myself. However, I can list them and add the videos later on if I can find the appropriate clips. They are in the following movies and/or TV shows: The 6th Sense (roughly 42 minutes in), Carpool (roughly 35 minutes in), and Friends (season 6, episode 19 — exact time unknown).

Chuck E. Cheese('s) has gone through a handful of restructuring throughout the years, including logo and name changes. Originally Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theater, the owner had to file for bankruptcy and the aforementioned competitor acquired the franchise. In doing so, the name was changed to Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza, but eventually dropping "Pizza" in the mid-90s during another redesign.

The frequency that the arcade had its name and logo changed could play an incredibly large role in why so many people remember the exact title differently. Interestingly enough, it was announced just this year that there is going to be yet another restructuring of the franchise. All locations will be renamed to Chuck E. Cheese Pizzeria & Games! Once that remodeling completes I suppose a lot of this will be a moot point, because Chuck E. Cheese will be the official name! Everyone wins?

Not so much, because in the end, the decision was made to remove the animatronics and creating a more modernized atmosphere at their flagship locations. As creepy as those animatronics may be, I always thought that they would be a constant mainstay at the arcade/restaurant!

So that's a bummer in my book...

Do you remember Chuck E. Cheese or Chuck E. Cheese's? Did you ever frequent the arcade as a child? Do you currently visit with children of your own? Are you bummed about the newest plans for restructuring the franchise? Are you familiar with Circus Circus Pizza? What are your thoughts on the residual evidence provided?

Have you found any different residual evidence associated with the subject matter above?