There's so much that I could say (or rant) about the original Destiny game, but for the sake of brevity, I will just highlight some points and you can decide how much you want to delve into the saga. Basically, Destiny (developed by Halo creators, Bungie) was one of my most anticipated video games in, well, forever. Bungie had just broken free from their overlord — Microsoft — and were now going to strike it out on their own... under the thumb of Activision... Regardless, the MMO-Light franchise sounded and looked amazing!

Here is a write-up on Destiny I did for the 2014 A to Z Challenge (sorry, this apparently didn't import when transferring my site to Squarespace... so I will have to fix that).

I was so young, so excited, so naive!

It was was a disaster. I will spare you that aforementioned ranting, but if interested, I talked about it some in my trailer reviews for the sequel, which you can check out below:

After the heartbreak, I completely swore off Destiny. I only played vanilla (the base game), refusing to buy the expansions. I almost caved when one of the last DLCs, The Taken King, was released because of positive reviews. But I held my ground. And when Destiny 2 was announced, I was ready to swear that off as well. There was no way in hell I would pre-order it and I would wait for actual reviews of the game!

The sequel released this September and I was at least successful in avoiding a pre-order. I rented the game from Redbox (twice) and eventually broke down and bought it. Destiny 2 isn't without its flaws, that's for sure, but it is undeniably closer to what the original should have been. So now after dipping a toe back into the waters, I find myself neck deep.


And this time I have no one to blame if it ends up being another disaster. Fool me twice...

Did you play the original Destiny? If so, did you love it or was it a huge disappointment? What was your favorite expansion? Did you buy Destiny 2? If so, what are your thoughts? What is your favorite class (and subclass)? What are your current Light Levels? If not, is there a specific reason why (besides not being into the genre)?