A to Z 2016 : KILLJOY

"Try turning off the AC to the room. Let's heat things up a bit, shall we?" He partially folded his arms over his chest, reaching up and resting a hand under his stubbly chin. His assistant did as instructed, clacking away on a laptop connected to the facility's computer system. "Let's give that some time to sink in."

Giving time. Waiting. The most boring element of just about everything in life. But sometimes it was necessary, or so he told himself. Just like extreme measures. In his line of work, life was sometimes all about waiting between one extreme measure and the next. He unconsciously stroked his fingers along his jawline, lost in thought, watching the test subject in the other room.


"Not yet, Doctor Killjoy."

The room was a stark contrast to the one on the other side of the observing window. Sporting a black and grey motif, computers and darkened monitors lining the walls to either side of them. Short data servers with sporadic blinking lights, others with constantly glowing hues of green and blue. Ahead of him was the main control dashboard adorned with various knobs and levers and its own monitors. His assistant was sitting in a chair in front of the system, switching between screens offering the data readouts of both their subject and a fellow employee.

Killjoy noticed the assistant was shifting some controls which would raise the temperature of the adjoined room. It wasn't something he normally condoned, even if someone was accurately assuming what he would be asking for next, but he let it slide. It would save time. That meant less waiting. He took a slow, deep breath while watching his business partner — his back to them — talk to one of their newest clients.

This particular client hadn't seemed unique at first. A typical middle-aged man of decent health, average in height and weight, a standard mediocre education. Initial interviews found the man to be slightly paranoid and nervous, but that was also common. The program came with certain dangers of severe complications. It wasn't to be taken lightly.

It wasn't until the psych evaluation that specific qualities, ones most would find abhorrent if they had been able to detect them, began to surface. Not blatant, but masterfully subdued, likely without the subject's knowledge that such traits even existed in themselves. Dr. Killjoy was intrigued, wanting to continue with the program, expecting to reap as wide of a result data spread as humanly possible. Paul Geist thought the prospect to be too dangerous for both the client and the program. The impact of the drugs reacting with those specific traits could lead to unknown and unexpected results.

No shit. That was the fucking point of the trials. Figure out the unknown and unexpected.

"What the...," he heard his assistant say quietly to himself. "Dr. Killjoy, there were some very subtle fluctuations in vitals, we're talking almost unnoticeable..." The young man turned to the doctor, at a loss for words.

"And now?" Peering through the observation window offered the answer.

His assistant let out a screech as there was a sudden impact against the window, turning back to investigate, before instinctively reaching over and activating an alarm. Killjoy didn't blame him, he was young, inexperienced. He had done the right thing.

In immediate response, there was the shifting of bodies behind him, but Killjoy stretched an arm back, open-handed. "Wait!" He didn't turn around or remove his gaze from the incident transpiring in the other room. "Just... wait..." The two guards, standing to each side of the only door granting access to the room hesitated.

His assistant's face was splayed with shock and confusion. "Dr. Killjoy, we need to get him out of there! Guys, get him out of there!"

"Frank, do as you're told, not as you feel." The doctor's tone was flat, expressionless. "I'm collecting data."

There was another impact against the window, a loud and dull thump that could be heard over the alarm system. They were barely able to hear the incoherent chatter the test subject was spouting. There were threats to Dr. Geist's life. He thought he could later use that as an excuse as to why he had stopped the guards. It was feasible.

Killjoy was most interested in the displays of raw strength being displayed. He had never seen anything like it. It was a spectacle to behold. It seemed like their client was unable to control himself, possibly even enjoying the unleashing of such an untapped power and potential, regardless of another life being jeopardized. He suspected that was a direct result from the psych revelations.

"Doctor Killjoy!"

Continuing to watch the ordeal, Killjoy nodded and pointed at the door. He heard the guards rush out, leaving the door wide open. If he wasn't allowed to have anymore fun, neither was their precious test subject.


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