A to Z 2016 : BESIEGED

Hello, my old friend, it's been awhile
But I'm almost certain I asked you to keep your distance
But listening isn't exactly your style
And you're a professional when it comes to seeping through the cracks of least resistance
No matter how hard I try
No matter how hard I may
Your passion to continually pry
Is an attribute I lack the capability to hold at bay
Assaulted with sorrows and horrors at any given time
No wall is strong enough, no matter how reinforced it's built
And I'm the one forced to pay for the crime
When you swing down your sledgehammer forged of shame and guilt
And even when I think I may finally be free
You bring a few friends along for the ride
Left with no choice but to lose sense of the true me
As I'm beset by false realities coming at me from all sides

What did you think of this piece? Were there any specific thoughts and/or emotions drawn out while reading it?