A to Z 2016 : RAGE

It's hard to believe in a world devoid of pain. Devoid of suffering. Bigotry and hate. You want to believe in the possibility that the Human race will, once and for all, be able to look past differences and cast aside judgments. That everyone will come to be viewed as equals, regardless of race, class, gender. Come to know that everyone and everything is universally connected. To harm another is to harm yourself.
You want to believe in it so badly that sometimes you squeeze your eyes shut, count to ten, and wish that everything wicked in the world would disappear. All the greed, the injustice, the fear. That you had the power to click your heels together three times and be transported to an exotic utopian wonderland that would put the biblical Garden of Eden to shame.
But then you open your eyes and it's all the same. All that it ever was.
And your hope is drained, becoming replaced with rage. Rage at the atrocities committed against the Earth. Committed against one another in the guise of security and love. You begin to believe that there exists an evil in the universe. Not believe, but to simply know as truth. Pure, genuine evil. A force that perverts and corrupts and destroys anything and everything in its path.
And just as love is attainable by any and all, so too is this evil.
There comes the harsh realization that as long as this eternal, parasitic power exists — and it forever shall — there's no hope for peace. The best we can do is mitigate the damage. To rise up against those choosing to embrace and utilize its vile darkness, becoming an amalgamation, fear and hate incarnate. To understand that this is how the world really works. A constant shifting of balance between good and evil.
To understand that we have to rage against it. It's our destiny. Our obligation.
But you mustn't let the rage take control, to consume you, allowing it to transform you into the very thing you fight against. It must be understood and respected, channeled, molded into a suitable tool to smite the malicious energy that seeks to plunge the world into fire and brimstone. Seeks to destroy love and champion chaos.
Be the master of your rage.

- Samson Hoyt -

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