(And A to Z 2013 Challenge Entry)

Once again I had planned an entry, but when coming time to sit down and write I get stuck. Like I have too much to say, not enough, or what I want to say isn’t going to be of interest to anyone. The post was going to be about Magic: the Gathering, a collectible card game I’ve been obsessed with, on and off, throughout the years.

Where would I begin? Go into the history of MtG? How to play? Why I am passionate about it? Talk about the blog I want to start based on the game? Question if my love for board/card/video games makes me some sort of man-child?

So anyhow, I just sit there. It’s like I’m back in my party days — drunk — staring at the hyperdrive-star screensaver in some stranger’s office. Except that was a lot funner, because I could pretend I was in Star Wars.

So I’m suffering from the lack of motivation on multiple fronts: “M” topic, job hunting, doing the laundry. Bleh. Suckage.

I’d rather just spend time catching up on blogs and commenting for now. I think that's how I'll spend my evening. I think I have an “N” entry that can cover some of these random, missed subjects. I will focus on that.

A friend wanted me to write about MacGyver. Considering I’ve never seen the series, I thought I would compromise with a video I recently saw posted:

Happy writing everyone!

Ever have a persistent lack of motivation? Any hints/tricks to get out of a funk?