BEDiM 2013 : DAY 29"/>

BEDiM 2013 : DAY 29

(A Blog Every Day in May 2013 Challenge Entry)

I am very proud of my picture story yesterday. This host can’t bring me down yet! Now we arrive at one of the prompts I’ve been most excited for. I wasn’t aware it was today, though. For some reason I thought it was the final post.

Today’s prompt:

Day 29, Wednesday: Five songs or pieces of music that speak to you or bring back memories. Use Grooveshark or YouTube to include them in the post

I’m not sure what Grooveshark is, so I plan on sticking to the ever prominent Youtube. Plus, it’s built into Blogger... so yeah...

This isn’t going to be easy. Trying to single out five songs that speak to me, is like placing down all my favorite cookies in front of me and telling me I can only pick and eat five of them. We know from my previous post how that would end. I would eat ALL the things. Much like I want to share the abundance of songs that connect with me.

I’ve decided, since I wasn’t able to do so during the A to Z, I will share a handful of my favorite songs and artists throughout the next few weeks. Most music I listen to recently has become associated with my writing, so I thought I could share them and explain the scenarios and/or representation of each.

For this post I will attempt a nostalgic theme.

Stories Through Music

The Offspring - Come Out and Play
The Offspring I feel is one of those bands that my entire group of friends loved when growing up. When I hear them I always remember back to the days when we would party and just act stupid on a weekend (or daily) basis. To be honest, the entire SMASH album was played over and over and over again. When it came down to picking one song, it was between Bad Habit & Come Out and Play. I felt Come Out and Play best represented our teenage angst and shenanigans.

Local H - Fritz’s Corner
Local H is another of my all-time favorite bands. For a 2 member band they kick ass. In fact, they are still around around and kicking some ass last I checked. I loved seeing these guys live. This was one of my favorite songs they would play, along with High-Fiving MF. Both times seeing them they were performing at outdoor festival concerts, so it would be nice to see them at a smaller, enclosed venue. I was obsessed with this song (still am), and I’d like to believe when my friends hear it they still think of me (just as they did back in the day).

Our Lady Peace - Superman’s Dead
Another song, and band, I was (am) obsessed with. I’ll admit that over the years I’ve fallen out of touch with Our Lady Peace, but there was a time I would be jamming out to all their newest CD releases; singing, dancing, acting out music videos. The lead singer’s voice is so unique I can’t help but love it.

After going mainstream I kind of drifted from their music some. Not that it was less meaningful, but maybe it just didn’t quite resonate the same with me. It may sound bad, but this was around a time when the music became seemingly more “God” or religion influenced (This is akin to losing interest in Billy Corgan with Zwan). I’ll have to maybe give it another go someday.

Random Jak Fact 622: I may have recorded a Youtube video of me singing this song a good four to five years ago or so. This was done after not having heard the song in some time, and attempting to sing from memory. It was met with... mixed critique... which is to be expected as I’m not a singer. I don’t think it's up (publicly) anymore, sorry folks. At least... I really hope it isn’t.

3 Colours Red - Beautiful Day
This is a song from an album I randomly bought while living in AZ. It always evoked emotions in me. It’s a good thing, because it was about the only good song on the album. Anyhow, this song could (and potentially still could) turn me into a blubbering, crying baby for almost no apparent reason. Back in AZ I'd just play it over and over. Later in life I directly associated it with a break up I had with someone I had dated for only 3-5 weeks. I can’t even remember the length of time.

This relationship was an intense one, but it sputtered just as fast as it flared. It was important, however. While the feelings at the time could be classified as infatuation, I’m still uncertain. It allowed a brief pulse of what I’d later define as being Love. Remember, I never much believed in Love and all that mushy bullshit. This relationship was the turning point for me being more open to the idea — the possibility — that it actually may exist on some level more than just the fanciful romanticism of fictionalized realities.

So, this song represents that awakening in my soul. From there... it was all down-fucken-hill.

Trouble I say. Trouble.

Align - At the Basement Door
Align is a band that I’d imagine no one — short of possibly fellow locals — has ever heard of. They were my favorite local band, long since defunct, and I saw a handful of their shows while they were active. I cheered when the lead singer used the phone-mic, bought their CDs, still own and wear one of their shirts (it’s one of my favs), and I just happened to know people who knew them.

One of my best friend’s sister lived with the lead singer’s — then — girlfriend (or fiancée). So not only would I get to listen to their music, but also party with them now and again. I think during the party period the lead singer was in a band called Marble. I, and others, thought they sounded a bit like Green Day. Yeah, no... he passionately hated that comparison.

Align was a band I thought had a lot of potential and this song felt like one that would get them noticed. Unfortunately, they disbanded years ago; each finding a home in new bands. I get upset whenever I’ve learned they had a reunion show I missed. That makes me a Sad Panda indeed.

Anyhow, this song reminds me of the days after graduating where I’d party (advancing to college parties without having to attend!) and go to various music shows with friends. A lot of good times were had, even if one night a member of Marble wanted to punch me in the face! Who doesn't?!

Are you familiar with or do you like any of the songs listed above? What songs/music trigger memories or speaks to you? Do you go to (or have you ever gone to) live shows? Any favorites?