[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday is an I, Jak bi-weekly blog series where brevity is key! Or at least my brand of brevity... I understand that not everyone appreciates a lengthy entry!

It's June 2017 and that means that alt-J has released their newest studio album — RELAXER.



Welcome to Mandela Monday, a bi-weekly I, Jak blog series where we explore some of the residual evidence people claim has been left behind regarding the cited changes caused by the Mandela Effect — a phenomenon in which large groups of people have shared memories of specific facts and/or events contrary to the evidence that reality provides.

In this installment we focus on music. Specifically, Queen's "We Are the Champions" from their 1977 studio release, News of the World.


It’s Tuesday and the music themed blog hop is still underway, but I’m sailing under the radar for another week. I’m not very familiar with much music from before my time. Having to pretend I existed during those periods would actually be a lot of fun — sure I could make stuff up — but I will just make myself believe that the 70's weren’t as awesome as everyone living them wants you to think.

Therefore it was destined that I would be born seven days into the 80's; the same amount of days it took “God” to create the world*. This includes his much needed day of rest. So while he was kicking back, sipping a martini — shaken, not stirred — I came into the world kicking and screaming.

More Bees?

Not exactly...

While laying low, I ventured out — exploring the blogosphere — during this blog hop and came across Kristi’s post at Finding Ninee. She has quite the vivid memory of her angsty pre-teen years. I won’t spoil the surprise of the topic, but within the post her musical choice was the song Tragedy, by the Bee Gees. This instantly made me remember one of my favorite A Bad Lip Reading videos. So in her honor — okay, maybe this will be more of a disgrace to some; I apologize in advance — I will share my own Bee Gees video for my musical theme. Just like her magical dangling Christmas lights, I will share some “Magic” of my own.

“Magic Man” - A Bad Lip Reading:

Oh My Nuts, I love that video! I could listen to it over and over! There may be something seriously wrong with me. I can’t just share one video, though. I have to get in at least one more, so I will also post my other favorite music video by A Bad Lip Reading.

Those of you familiar with, and a fan of, Michael Bublé may want to cover your eyes... I have to say, though, if the artist gives praise and keeps a good attitude about the video, I have faith you can too ;-)

“Russian Unicorn” - A Bad Lip Reading:

Awww yeah... my evening feels a little more complete! If liking either of these videos I would recommend checking out some of their additional work. They also do movie/political/random clips which can be quite hilarious.

Thanks for stopping by!

*Let me live in my own make-believe universe
**It’s awesome, don’t be jelly
***Asterisks are “in” right now
****Just trust me, my shit is always right sometimes

Did you enjoy any of the videos? Are you already familiar with A Bad Lip Reading? If so, any personal favs from them?


So it’s Tuesday and there is supposedly a music blog hop (Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday) that people participate in. I love my music and would love to give it a go, but it seems there is a specific theme/guideline they are using.

Basically they are working their way through the various decades — currently entrapped in the 60’s (or earlier) — where you make a “mixed tape” to someone as though you were living within that decade and have no knowledge of music beyond that time period. It’s a great, fun concept and I like it a lot, but feel a bit ill-prepared. I should have researched a tad bit earlier. Most know my knack for procrastination, though, so this likely doesn’t come as a surprise.

I’m going to go off the reservation a bit. It’s not that I dislike rules or lack understanding of their place; I just hate following them. No, but really, I just wasn’t prepared, so this week I will blaze my own trail — so to speak — while retaining the spirit of involving music in some fashion.

But first a completely unrelated story.

Bee All You Can Bee

Yesterday was Grandma Day. I visited and we caught up on current events from the past week, and I read her a handful of my BEDiM entries being we got behind last month. It was an early day, however, because my brother wanted to grill. On the way over to my brothers I had a close encounter of the bee kind.

I was almost to my destination, cruising down the road with my window down, taking in the evening breeze when all of a sudden there was a buzz and...


From out of nowhere I was smacked upside the head (in the ear more specifically) and for a moment I thought I was going to die. Die by swerving off the road and flipping my car. But I lived, and my vehicle remained straight and true on the road. Then there was a buzz. I cringed, and was maybe gripped by fear. The buzz sounded again and whatever the source... it sounded huge. I was certain I was about to engage in another epic battle with a June Bug. I can’t recall if I recounted my first combat story; I will link to it if I happen to find I have.

Needless to say, I hate June Bugs.

Panic overtook me and I tried to remain low/scrunched over/etc for some reason. Maybe I thought I would have a better chance that way? No freakin’ idea. Instincts were kicking in. Another Buzz and I tried looking back to find out what I was dealing with, because I couldn’t recall if June Bugs, you know... buzzed. In my first battle with a June Bug it maneuvered silently. Chances were good I was dealing with a bee, not that that made it the situation any better; I am afraid of bees and wasps. Don’t judge!

Finally I got to my brother’s house and evacuated the vehicle. Looking through the back window I saw my arch nemesis for the evening: A giant bumble bee. The sucker was huge! It was dazed and confused... grooming itself and buzzing around the back window now and again, but unable to find its way out. I showed it to my young nieces and the friends they had over. It was quite the spectacle to them. Hell, even to me. I was against killing it. I understood we both happened to be at the right place at the wrong time, so I left the windows open for it to eventually escape and be on its merry.

At the end of the night, I have to admit, I was afraid it may still be in the car. Thankfully, “Flight of the Bumblebee” Part 2 never came to fruition; all was quiet and peaceful.

Hey, Look at that! Worked music into the story! I’m such a genius almost always never that I scare myself sometimes. And here I thought I would have to create a song on a whim. Perhaps, in due time, I still will...

Now that’s really scary!

The Sounds of Armageddon

Now down to business.

I thought for my music theme I would highlight a couple of songs that have given me inspiration for various pieces of work. I will likely make this a series that I partake in periodically (possibly sans the randomly interjected, unassociated stories). Consider this Part One of The Soundtrack of Imagination series! Today I’m specifically focusing on my Post Apocalyptic/Sci-Fi story: After Armageddon. First off is the song that I view being inspirational for the series as a whole. A theme song perhaps?

Imagine Dragons - Radioactive:

I’ve no place specifically in the story that this song represents yet. So far, when I listen to Radioactive I see a montage of scenes taking place throughout the story; like a trailer of sorts. If you see me listening to this song (or the After Armageddon playlist) on Facebook/Spotify you can be sure that I’m focusing on that fictional piece. It amps me up!

Next up we have a song I’m sure many are familiar with.

Michael Andrews, Gary Jules - Mad World:

I love this cover of the Tears for Fears song. The first few times I listened to it some pretty strong emotions were evoked (and still are). The first time hearing this version was from Donnie Darko, a movie I’m very, very fond of.

This is the song I listened to while writing Chapter Three of After Armageddon. The song will likely encompass a majority of the events that take place in that section of the story. Naturally it’s placed in a spot where a very traumatic event is unfolding. I feel the song allows me to lock into that state of mind, imagining myself in the situation first hand. The hope is that it fuels my ability to pull the readers into the character’s shoes, allowing them to experiencing what he/she is.

So those are two of the songs that play a significant role inspiring my After Armageddon fiction. I hope you’ve enjoyed!

Next Tuesday I hope to be on board with the music blog hop. Feel free to join in on the shenanigans!

Have you ever been kamikazeed in the ear by a bee while on the open road? *Sigh* Didn’t think so... Do you have specific songs that inspire some of your creative works?


After the A to Z 2013 and Blog Every Day In May 2013 Challenges I decided to take some time off. It’s been a week and in that time I’ve focused on getting back into an exercise routine, caught up on some work, contemplated my fiction (though not writing any), and debated where to touch base with my next — this — entry. Also, I’ve been catching up with fellow bloggers and have only completed the task with 2 ½ people out of 12+ I need to learn how to stay on track and read faster...

If you’ve been following along for a while you’ll likely be familiar with the fact that I sometimes have random bouts of emotional bursts. I won’t point out the specific posts this time around, but if wanting to you can inquire and I will share the needed links. A similar outburst occurred last weekend while listening to music; more specifically watching a music video. I meant to write this post right away, in the moment of it all, but I’m a master procrastinator.

Triggered By Turtles

The video above is the one that triggered the emotional reaction out of the blue. There I was... minding my own business, just discovering that a band I’ve heard a good amount of hype about — Trampled By Turtles — was actually a local band, checking out one of their videos for the first time and...


I was bitch-slapped in the Deep Limbic System and began crying like a little baby. Trampled By Turtles had violated me emotionally and I never saw it coming. Nor did I have a say, apparently, in the situation. Blindsided, my cup filled up and runneth over with tears. I’m not embarrassed about crying; I think its a healthy release that we should experience when needed. I was more upset that I wasn’t exactly sure why it was happening.

I began thinking of past relationships and just life in general, as I went to curl up in the fetal position in bed. Okay, not quite, but I may as well have. I was bombarded with thoughts of not having accomplished anything significant in life, not having a family (paired with the exact opposite thoughts of not being prepared/ready for, or even desiring, one right now), believing it was time to stop pretending I can make any sort of living writing; buying/selling gaming cards; or any other “hobby” endeavor, and what exactly I planned to do in the long-term in regards with my life. It was all rather depressing really.

To that I say both Fuck You! Trampled By Turtles and also... Thank you! It’s a real mixed bag-o-crazy over here sometimes in the deep recesses of my mind.

There were more thoughts and emotions all intertwined with the ordeal, but having a week pass did a number on my memories associated with it. In fact, being the genius that I am, I decided to once again subject my mind to TBT’s emotional abuse in order to channel some of the same triggered reactions.

Yeah... I cried again ya bastards... don’t judge! At least I didn’t go run off and hide in my room for hours, though! So in your face!

Did I learn anything? Any lesson? Come to have an epiphany? Not really. Eventually the charged feelings subsided and I leveled out. Of course I’m going to make millions writing and indulging in my other extracurricular, hobbitastic activities!

Some people never learn...

10 Things of Thankful

As I was catching up with fellow blogger entries this week, One (A Fly On Our Chicken Coop Wall) posted about a blog hop a friend of theirs set up. I fought with myself for a while and eventually decided to join in on the fun, thinking originally it was a daily thing. Thankfully it’s only a weekly entry. I apologize for not having this posted a few days ago as planned, thinking some others may like to join in. I’d imagine you can join in at any time.

The hop occurs on Saturdays and involves listing ten things you are currently thankful for in your life. This is in encouragement of embracing and sharing some good ‘ol positive vibes. If participating, I believe they ask that you visit the two people before (or after, or around) your placement on the link list and that you use their banner/badge, which I’ve used above.

Be warned, however, I’m lacking some of the information like where to specifically list your link. There are multiple locations to submit your entry’s link, so I have a little research to do. I may be all over the place at the start, but should be fine once I understand the details more fully.

Without further ado... my listing of things I am thankful for:

  1. I’m thankful that this blog hop is only weekly (as explained above) and not daily. Part of my debate with participating revolved around the fact that I think I may be too pessimistic to come up with 10 things a day. Sad, I know, but honest! This should be more doable...
  2. *Two Hours Later in Spongebob style* My newly made friends during NaNoWriMo and fellow bloggers met since I began this blog; most during the A to Z Challenge.
  3. The patience of my fellow bloggers as I barrel through and catch up with their past (and current) posts. I’m at about a 15% completion rate!
  4. Music that can trigger my emotions and make me think, regardless if negative or positive. To be able to feel the vast range of emotions on the spectrum is truly a gift, in my opinion.
  5. Hopefully this isn’t cheating... but having that full spectrum of emotions!
  6. The clown my grandmother (in AZ) made when I was a child I still have dangling from my lamp. Clowns in general creep me out; even this crocheted representation she painstakingly created back in the day. During the emotional burst last weekend I eventually trudged out to the living room, leaned back against the wall, and dramatically slide down into a sitting position. When the Emo attack was letting up I looked up and saw the crafted clown smiling over at me. this in turn made me smile and laugh. Then daily life resumed as normal.
  7. For the hobbies that I partake in that randomly spawn ambitious dreams and fuel my creativity. Now if only my motivation would catch up to speed...
  8. My friends and family who share along in and/or support the above endeavors. There are plenty out there who would rather scoff and ridicule such things, but those types of people are very few and far in between in my life.
  9. My cat Crooks who is always there to help comfort me in my times of need... when he deems it fitting... *sigh*
  10. My grandmother (in MN) who is actually always there to help comfort me in my times of need; loving unconditionally.

Have you heard of Trampled By Turtles? Do you have a specific song or artist that can trigger some powerful emotions within you? Anything you are currently thankful for in your life?