A to Z 2014 : INCOGNITO"/>

A to Z 2014 : INCOGNITO

(An A to Z 2014 Challenge Entry)

In my opening A to Z post this year, ABSENCE, I spoke about my hiatus from the Blogosphere. As I’m prone to repeat myself, I also mentioned it in yesterday’s entry, HESITATION MARKS, as well.

I had a clear plan for my grand exit from blogging. A post I had been waiting to get out for months. One that had morphed so many times that it may be hard for me to recollect it’s originally intended content. It fluxed from silly, to emotional, back to silly, and then to emotionally supercharged.

No worries, it’s still a work in progress. Possibly still pertaining to leaving in some fashion. Oh, I know, all this cryptic pussyfooting is so dramatic. I can hardly contain myself...

When I decided to do the A to Z Challenge this year, I had the distinct intention of participating elsewhere. Somewhere completely unassociated with The Cryton Chronicles. I wanted to do it anonymously, distanced from those I had previously met while blogging. A solo act.

Be incognito.

I can’t fully explain why. It’s not like I have anything but love and joy for those I’ve known over the past year of blogging. I think I felt I would be able to focus more on writing for myself. It’s a known conflict I endure on a daily basis. It was the belief I wouldn’t be as overwhelmed with very little traffic and blog hopping to manage.

It sounds incredibly selfish, and I guess it is, but I honestly felt it may be necessary.

I’m glad I never went through with it, though. At least for the challenge. I made a compromise, however, that I wouldn’t share or post my blog entries on any social media. If others do it for me, that’s fine, but it’s something I decided not to engage in. Much to my surprise, Blogger is helping me by not notifying people who subscribe to get notifications (via email) until well over 15 hours after a posting. Even for posts scheduled for 2am, notifications aren’t sent out until past 9pm. So kudos to them, I guess, for somehow knowing my secret plan and assisting.

I feel like I’m still flying under the radar. Maybe not completely incognito, but nowhere near as prominent as I could attempt to be. People may catch a glimpse or three, but then I dash off into the shadows...

I’m going to end this before it starts to get creepy.

Have you ever desired to be Incognito? Left to your own devices to focus on yourself?