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What if I told you none of this was real? The air you breath, the textures you feel, the vibrant colors you see radiating all around you. The furniture you lounge on and the device you are currently using to read this blog post. Last week, that very idea was posited and explored. The idea that we are living inside of a simulated reality — The Matrix. I discussed how the theory, if it were real, could make for one of the strongest explanations of The Mandela Effect. How these triggered experiences and purported episodes of misremembering could be nothing more than glitches within said simulated Universe.

But vocalizing such a theory is certainly enough to make someone question your sanity (as if the others discussed throughout the series wouldn't). Who in their right mind would believe such a thing?

I Musk Say, That's a Very Good Question

One of those individuals would be none-other-than Elon Musk, founder of both SpaceX and Tesla Motors, among other organizations. I believe the clips spliced into the video above are from Code Conference 2016. Suffice it to say, he's usually one of the smartest people in the room, while also being a hero and role model to many. He is currently involved in the creation of artificial intelligence (dun Dun DUN), but with the distinct caveat of making sure it's safe and beneficial to humanity. Musk is very vocal about his concerns regarding the abuse of power some entities may embrace in their endeavors developing AI.

But even if someone of Elon Musk's stature believes in the likelihood that we are already existing within a simulation (and aren't on that path of self-destruction...), is there any possible evidence beyond mere philosophical musings?

Now granted, as you can tell from the video (taken from the 2011 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate: The Theory of Everything), this is all still very speculative and not necessarily proof. Theoretical physicist Jim Gates describes finding code similar to what you'd find in a web browser, which aligns with a special code invented by Claude Shannon in the 40's, who was a prominent mathematician. Does this mean we have irrefutable evidence? No, but I would argue the case made may be a really strong one. As Gates mentioned, many of these theories will be (and currently are) being tested by CERN via the Large Hadron Collider, who may also have access to multiple Quantum Computers, which we spoke about earlier in this series.

Is it possible that any correlation between living within a simulation and a phenomenon like The Mandela Effect has been cited in the past, separate from its present sensationalism?

Not only does Philip K. Dick state that he believes we are living in a computer programed reality (back in 1977), but instances which he refers to as deja vu and/or variables being changed, may be our only clue to becoming aware of this virtual existence. These changing variables sound very much like what people experience with The Mandela Effect. It's fairly compelling to me. But I'd like to point out the expressions of those listening to his speech, because they are similar expressions made by most when someone affected by the phenomenon attempts to explain it to them. Just saying...

Pick Your Poison

Regardless of whether you believe in the possibility that we are all living within a simulated Universe and/or that it's a viable cause behind The Mandela Effect, there are plenty who do. So much so, that even the Bank of America issued a statement to its shareholders/clients that there was upwards of a fifty percent chance that our perceived reality is nothing more than a simulation. There are even billionaires so convinced by the probability that they are funding scientists to break us out (though, I suspect they care mostly about themselves, depending on who said billionaires are); the irony being that they don't seem to understand that they are merely offering copious amounts of worthless, imaginary digital currency. Yeah, good luck with that. You might have better luck finding a fictitious character peddling Blue Bliss!

My advice would be to suck it up and enjoy the ride, because we are all seemingly in it for the long-haul!

On our next stop, in this potentially literal game of Life, here at the Cryton Chronicles, we have another quiz!

PART THIRTEEN: The Mandela Effect Quiz V

Are you familiar with Elon Musk and/or his companies? Do you agree with his assessment that we are likely in the third scenario of Nick Bostrom's simulation theory? What are your thoughts about Jim Gates' claim of finding computer code buried deep within the building blocks of the Universe? What about Philip K. Dick's claim that we live in a computer-programmed reality? Do you think the two billionaires of Silicon Valley attempting to escape The Matrix, which they've become convinced we are trapped in, are crazy? If we are existing in a simulated reality and you had the choice, would you stay or would you jack out?