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In the last Chapter we went over the fundamentals of what CERN is and how it publicly functions. Their primary focus is to recreate and understand the moments of creation, discover new particles, and unravel the mysteries of the Universe. In their endeavors, however, they've admitted to not being fully aware of what to expect as they use their Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at unheard of levels to reach these goals. This has given pause and caused concern to those following their experiments, raising doubts about just how safe these conducted tests are (even those already completed). It's lead many to believe that these experiments have indirectly caused worldwide phenomenons such as earthquakes, weather changes/anomalies, and The Mandela Effect.

The Dark Side

But I hinted at a darker, more sinister motive some believe is behind CERNs inner-workings. A drive and purpose that is as intentional as it is nefarious. Now, mind you, this is delving way, way deeper into the realm of conspiracy theories. By that I mean government funded human trafficking, satanic cults, human sacrifices, assassinations, coverups... you know, the usual!

If you follow any conspiracy theories, and likely even if not, you've heard of The Illuminati. That is the secret society/cult comprised of world/business leaders — among many other influential entities — claimed to be behind any and all important decisions made around the world, with the sole drive of eventually establishing a One World Government. One World Currency. One World Religion — of a satanic, Luciferian design. A New World Order.

While I've no idea of what the legitimacy of the above video is, it demonstrates abstractly — yes, I'm aware of much more, so called "real" information — how it's believed The Illuminati loves to hide in plain site, through their symbolic and subliminal messaging, in political, religious, and entertainment arenas. Unaware and/or ignored by the masses. It would take multiple posts to just go into a fraction about The Illuminati and all the conspiracies revolving around them, but most of that is inapplicable here.

So what does all of this have to do with CERN and The Mandela Effect? Well, it's believed there is an overlap. Perhaps The Illuminati control the organization, or perhaps it's simply ran by another shadow-cloaked entity, but it's claimed that their intent ranges from attempting to open a portal to Hell, from which Lucifer and/or demonic entities may enter into our realm, to the destruction of Earth; or our current reality.


For starters, it doesn't help that the CERN facility displays a statue of Shiva Nataraja — AKA Destroyer of Worlds/Universes — captured in a stance of the Tandava aspect of the Cosmic Dance (signifying when a world or Universe needs to be destroyed)! It's quite puzzling to many as to why it was decided that housing such a landmark on their premises, quite prominently I might add, was pertinent. Considering the type of experiments taking place, and the fears people have about, say, quantum black holes being formed and potentially destroying Earth, some believe it to be a symbol blatantly betraying their true intentions. Again, hiding in plain sight.

To be fair, Shiva's Cosmic Dance also embraces creation and there is a slew of symbolic correlations that can be drawn between Shiva and the work taking place at CERN in regards to discovering particles and the building blocks of the Universe. But it's that destruction part that seems to stick with most. Is there any reason why anyone would think the organization would willfully want to destroy the world? Or anything that may cast belief that there is anything satanic or ritualistic in what they do?

Why would anyone ever believe anything remotely along those lines? I mean, besides the citing of 666, the "Mark of the Beast", being present in its logo?

The Symmetry of Sacrifice

Oh, just a movie filmed at CERN Large Hadron Collider with bizarre subject matter that doesn't seem to really relate to their scientific studies and discovery of particles and a mock human sacrifice in their courtyard in front of the statue of Shiva?! No big deal! Nothing to see here! What the ever living fuck? There were a few news outlets covering the mock sacrifice this summer, after the video went viral, which spurred an investigation. CERN explained that while the video did indeed originate on their premises, by those who had specific access to their facility, that it was merely scientists allowing their humor to go too far. We are assured that they don't condone that kind of prank as it may give rise to misunderstanding the scientific work they do there.

No. Shit. Sherlock.

So, you know... there's that.

On a Lighter Note

Some of that information above may be a bit tough to chew, let alone fully digest, if unfamiliar with the world of The Illuminati and all things evil. That or you may very well blow it off. Either way, I'll take it down a few notches and focus on shallower displays of intent. This ties partially into quantum computers, discussed in Part Six of this series, because it is rumored that CERN has not only one D-Wave quantum computer, but several. Because of this, many believe that they are testing the machines and intentionally accessing Parallel Universes and creating change in our current reality. Not much different than the belief that other elite entities or corporations with access to these quantum computers may be doing.

To possibly give credence to this line of thought...

The above video was supposedly created by international students at CERN and features staff and members of the larger CERN community. One of the most relevant segments regarding The Mandela Effect occurs between the 2:30 and 2:37 marks. This is a clip which focuses on CERN theoretical physicist, John Ellis (also highlighted in last week's video about Dark Matter/Energy and Black Holes). In the clip, Ellis has two signs hung around his neck, though he seems to divert most of your attention to his "Happy" sign. One sign is labeled "Bond #1", the second "Mandela".

Bond #1 is believed to reference James Bond, it was the first thought to came to my mind when seeing the sign. Naturally, many would cite Sean Connery as the first bond, or maybe even David Niven (Casino Royale 1967). But if you dig back deeper, Casino Royale was adapted for television anthology series Climax! in which Barry Nelson is cited as being the first actor to ever portray the James Bond character on screen.

From this we get Nelson, along with the second sign, Mandela. Coincidence?

There Are No Coincidences

So I feel the two most likely scenarios are that either CERN is fully aware of what they are doing (whether intentionally with quantum computers or inadvertently with their experiments causing The Mandela Effect, among other bizarre things) and are brandishing that fact in the open for anyone and everyone able to connect the pieces OR they are a bunch of scientists allowing their humor to go too far, which they say they specifically don't condone...

Neither really bodes well, in my opinion. Even if trying to play games and poke fun at a theory like The Mandela Effect, which has been discussed for close to a decade, but just now becoming more mainstream, it feeds into that misunderstanding of their scientific work. That and it shows a potential line of complete disregard for remaining professional in their conduct. Something that most would think is of great importance for an organization involved within the field of science.

As mentioned before, all of this may be a lot to chew on, but hopefully it offers some food for thought.

In the meantime, I'll prep the next quiz!

PART TEN: The Mandela Effect Quiz IV

Have you ever heard of The Illuminati? If so, do you think there is any connection between them and CERN? Do you believe there are any ill-intentions on the part of CERN and their experiments? Do you think it's odd CERN displays a statue of Shiva in their courtyard? What are your thoughts about the CERN movie Symmetry and the mock human sacrifice? Do you believe that the organization is connected to Satanism and the occult? In the "Happy" video, do you think CERN is claiming responsibility or taking credit for The Mandela Effect? Or do you think they are just poking fun, taking their humor too far?