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Three Mandela Effect quizzes later and here we are, finding ourselves hovering around one of the most prominent, controversial theories that many claim explains the phenomenon. The belief that there is the very real possibility that a governing body/institution is behind all of the changes being cited in our reality. That institution would be none-other-than CERN itself — which the title of this series has hinted at from the beginning and briefly mentioned via video in Part Five of this series.

The reason this theory slightly varies from Quantum Computers, where it's possible that elite forces are intentionally causing slight shifts in reality by accessing Parallel Universes, is because it encompasses not only the possibility of both intentional and unintentional manipulation, but if intentional, many believe the action to be nefarious at its core (not that the other [elite] couldn't be either). Regardless of the strong similarities with research facilities experimenting with Quantum Computers, CERN's purported involvement is pigeonholed into being straight up evil.

But before we get into that, just in case some of you are unaware, let's take a quick look at CERN...

What is CERN?

A very short and sweet video highlighting the fundamental basics of what CERN is. An organization founded in 1954 — located in Geneva, Switzerland — which over the years has built various machines for the purpose of discovering how matter works. This eventually lead to the construction of the world's largest and most complex particle accelerator known as the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). The LHC, sometimes referred to as an Atom Smasher, allows scientists to collide protons near the speed of light, creating an instance akin to The Big Bang. In this way, they hope to uncover the secrets of how the Universe works and was made, and just recently they confirmed the existence of the Higgs Boson particle (dubbed, the God Particle).

The God Particle

More from Theoretical Physicist Michio Kaku you say? No problem! But also, for good measure, I'll add in two TED Ed pieces I found. The first a bit more simplistic than the second, but both interesting!

Hopefully these videos give you a decent understanding about the Higgs Field and why the discovery of the Higgs Boson is so important.

Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and Black Holes

CERN is also admittedly seeking out the existence of what has been called Dark Matter and Dark Energy, the invisible force that permeates the entire Universe. At this time, little is known about either, just that they know there's something there. But in the process of attempting to reproduce it, there is supposedly a chance of creating what is referred to as a mini Quantum Black Hole. I can't say I know what the difference between that and a standard issue black hole is, but they have assured us that it's perfectly safe. Even when admitting they have no real idea what to expect when running the LHC at the highest capacity it's ever been utilized at.

This information seemed to spur a lot of people into believing that if such a Quantum Black Hole was formed, regardless of its size, it could spell disaster for Earth and all its inhabitants. Many believe it would result in the literal end of the world. You may remember articles reflecting this when it was first announced. There was no shortage of people shouting that the sky was falling. And I have to be honest, I'm not too keen on the idea of a bunch of scientists playing God, with little qualms about opening up black holes which they know absolutely nothing about. But I digress. We're all still alive and Earth is still intact. Then again, if they've managed to create one of these black holes, I've not heard.

For Every Action There is a Consequence

And this is partially why so many believe that CERN is inadvertently causing side-effects. The first and foremost being that those not directly in the field and/or knowledgeable about the subject matter don't know what to think. You hear black hole and you think bad, because they've always been the vacuum in space from which there is no escape. So hearing a bunch of scientists are just willy-nilly performing experiments which could potentially create one right here on Earth, then yeah, it's kind of scary. But the thing is, if the physicists at CERN themselves aren't sure what to expect, does the public at large have the right to be concerned?

It's posited that the very act of these experiments with the LHC are creating changes in the real world. From the weather to earthquakes to the very fabric of space and time. If the Multiverse is a legitimate theory, following the Many Worlds model, could it be possible that a consequence from CERN's experiments is the merging/bleeding of Parallel Universes?

It seems that no one really knows to what extent these kinds of experiments affect the world, and reality, around us. Or do they? Is it possible that an institution like CERN is pulling a ruse, feigning ignorance, when in actuality they understand full well the implications of their testing? Earlier, I mentioned that people believe the organization is diabolical.

But do those individuals have any backing to support that belief? I have to admit, there are a few questionable practices that have been carried out by CERN and we will go more in-depth on that topic in the next segment...


Were you already familiar with CERN? What about the Higgs Field/Boson (God Particle)? Did the videos offer a better understanding about what they are and their importance in the scientific field? Are you familiar with Dark Matter/Energy? Do you think it's possible that the experiments being carried out by CERN with the Large Hadron Collider are dangerous? Do you think there could be dire consequences if a Quantum Black Hole is created during their tests? Do you believe that the energy emitted by the LHC and smashing protons together could be potentially causing unintentional side-effects, like The Mandela Effect, around the world? Do you think there may be nefarious, intentional applications being carried out by CERN?