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Is it possible that the government is behind The Mandela Effect? Perhaps they aren't dabbling in time travel — disrupting the space time continuum, rewriting history — but are instead engaged in a more widespread mind control program.  To answer part of the question of how, which was asked last week, we need to observe the belief that all living things are energy and vibrations. And that there are various frequencies at which all of these things exist. It's these frequencies that could be potentially tapped into and manipulated.

These spiritual concepts are also the ones giving credence to the philosophy that "like attracts like" or The Law of Attraction. So they aren't always riddled with negative undertones like mind control. In general, they're associated with self-growth and an observance of connection between each and every one of us, along with the Universe. With everything.

The above video features some chunks of information from The Secret, which is a very popular self-help movie and book introduced in 2006. Depending on how open-minded you are, this could make you cringe, but then again, so would most of the content explored in this entire series! When it comes to New Age dogmas, there is no shortage of mocking and ridicule. There was harsh criticism of The Secret, especially over Quantum Mechanics being involved with backing the theory. It also didn't help that there were a number of lawsuits filed against those involved with the project. However, I should note that I believe most of those lawsuits dealt with plagiarism, ownership, and payments to those feeling unfairly cut out. In other words, most were business related and not necessarily revolving around the concepts being discussed.

In the latter half of the video, Masaru Emoto's water crystal research is predominately featured, which at one point went viral and was all over social media. It's a really fascinating experiment and should make people contemplate the actual energy and impact their words may have. You know, in case you couldn't already gather that from the reactions of those around you...

But what's all this have to do with The Mandela Effect exactly?

A Transitional Period

Beyond the belief that all Humans have a soul, there is the line of thought that Mother Earth itself is a living organism and comes equipped with one too. Not only that, but as we as a species are attempting to learn and grow spiritually, transcending to higher levels of being, so too is our planet. Supposedly Earth already existed in a higher density, but over time sunk to the Third Density/Dimension or 3D. Recently, the shifting of Earth from 3D through the Fourth Density/Dimension (4D) to the Fifth Density/Dimension (5D) has begun taking place, or so they say.

It may not make a lot of sense, and I'm trying to do my best to explain without a whole regurgitation of what I read years ago, during my own spiritual journey. The important part to understand about this concept is that the planet has a soul and it is currently undergoing an ascension process, which in-turn affects not only its own vibratory frequency, but of those of us along for the ride. There are supposedly symptoms that we may suffer from to help identify this transition like excessive fatigue, dizziness, and body pains. Yeah, pretty generic really...

There are some who believe, however, that The Mandela Effect is a side-effect of the planet evolving and moving into these higher densities (which are actually lighter). Those experiencing the phenomenon are becoming aware of multiple timelines/universes being exposed as our consciousness begins to shift into different frequencies. Timelines that have subtle differences than the ones we remember and for some reason have access to. Potentially becoming aware of our multidimensional selves, keeping in mind that the past, present, and future are happening simultaneously.

From my understanding, everyone would be making this evolutionary step, attempting to shrug off the negativity created and endured throughout time, towards a complete paradigm shift in consciousness. Where people will have the desire to manifest a new existence. One devoid of war and hate. Rather, full of Light and Love. We won't touch on the bits I've read that not everyone will be ready (or willing) to move forward and essentially be displaced elsewhere else in the Universe, condemned to a new Third Density/Dimension landscape...

What most proponents of this ascension theory state is that this time of awakening is one to be excited about, rather than feared. That we are all on this journey together and that soon a brand new world will emerge, one focused on Love and Unity. I don't know about you, but that sounds a whole hell of a lot better than all the craziness going on right now. Hopefully Mother Earth can shrug it off sooner than later!

That wraps up the final theory people attribute to The Mandela Effect. Hopefully the promise of it being more uplifting held true.

I will share some parting thoughts and opinions on these concepts and the phenomenon itself, but first, it just so happens we have enough time for another quiz!

COMING SOON: The Mandela Effect Quiz VII

Do you believe that the Universe and everything within are made up of energy and have vibratory frequencies? Do you think these frequencies can be accessed and manipulated? Do you think Mother Earth has a soul? Do you believe in Ascension and the evolution to higher dimensions of being? Do you think that this transition is taking place and may be behind The Mandela Effect?