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In the previous installment, we took a brief journey into the realm of science fiction. String Theory, Quantum Mechanics, and The Multiverse. Most of those concepts are hard for people to wrap their heads around, especially in one sitting, but hopefully the information provided gave a glimpse of understanding. I cited the Many Worlds theory as being the most prominent Multiverse model, in regards to The Mandela Effect.

In this model, there are multiple Parallel Universes that branch off, essentially creating an infinite number of possible realities/timelines. But even if this were true, and the concept was actuality, how and/or why would someone (or something) access them? Would it even be possible? And could our reality and history be changed, whether intentionally or accidentally?

Quantum Computers

I thought I would offer some more videos, as I am not well versed in Quantum Computers either, one being a reprisal of Michio Kaku. These both offer the fundamental basics of what a Quantum Computer is and how they work. The ability to be able to solve complex problems at such an incredible speed, where our current classic computers would fail to do so, is an amazing feat. It's something that many physicists are most excited about, which make up one of two types of people/physicists that Geordie Rose, founder of D-Wave Systems, describes when it comes to those passionate about Quantum Computing.

The next video featuring Geordie Rose is longer, but one I highly recommend watching in its entirety. I find it fascinating and it's important to listen to his chosen wording and how he explains Quantum Computers in more depth than the videos above.

Run That By Me One More Time

If I am hearing what was said correctly, Geordie Rose not only quotes, but states that there exists what is believed to be a mind-boggling, infinite number of Parallel Universes/Alternate Realities, which are just as real as the one we are experiencing at this very moment. We just can't see it. Yet, he goes on to explain how Quantum Computers can exploit these — what one may call — Parallel Universes and essentially borrow resources from them.

So is he saying that these D-Wave computers, which at the time of this presentation were already deployed to research organizations/corporations such as NASA/Google, Lockheed, and USC/ISI, can tap into these alternate realities and fiddle with them? Maybe not only borrowing elements from them, but also changing said universe's reality or our own, if not both? Pay close attention from the 14:45 to the 15:20 marks, where he explicitly states being able to do just that. Dive into where these parallel worlds overlap (a point he references as a nexus, of sorts), grab their resources, and bring them back into ours, creating an effect in our reality.

Mayhaps The Mandela Effect?

Somewhere in the middle (and again at the very end), things get a bit creepy once he begins talking about the implication revolving around Artificial Intelligence. Even expressing awe at how the machines have a built-in rhythmic pattern that sounds eerily similar to a heartbeat. That's another topic we may get into soon enough...

Where Are They Now?

One important thing to point out is that these videos/presentations took place years ago. And remember, many times organizations don't reveal all they've discovered either. What we are being shown at a public level may already be well behind what exists behind closed doors. You can almost guarantee it. At the exponential rate at which this technology is advancing, I can't even fathom where exactly they're at now.

How much more advanced are Quantum Computers to date? Who now owns one (or more)? Aside from those research institutions mentioned above, my bet would obviously be on Big Business conglomerates. The 1%. Those with the money to purchase these machines for a cool 25$ Mil. And what would these individuals/entities do with them? How would they harness the potentially reality-warping powers inherent within?

With companies having already been utilizing these new tools for years now, tools that allow its owner to manipulate resources from one reality and bring it back into our would, and in-turn effectively changing our reality, what possible anomalies could have already occurred?

The more you open your mind to the possibilities of these concepts being real (which Geordie Rose and many other physicists do, to the point he even made a bold prediction of it being proven via experiments in the near future), the more it sounds like a viable explanation for The Mandela Effect. At least in my opinion. In fact, some believe these machines play such a pivotal role in the phenomenon that they prefer to use the term The Quantum Effect, in place of Mandela Effect.

Could these companies in possession of Quantum Computers be intentionally changing and rewriting small tidbits of our history? Initiating sample tests over the past few years, getting a feel for how they work, and how much they can manipulate before it becomes noticed. Could this account for many of the ever so slight nuances in the word changes in literature and movies and/or logo/brand changes that have been cited by those remembering them, but no longer bearing any physical evidence in our reality?

It's definitely something to think on. And while our next topic will address the possibility of one of these entities both intentionally and/or accidentally creating these reality hiccups those affected by the phenomenon experience,  we will first have another intermission...

PART SEVEN: The Mandela Effect Quiz III

Are you familiar with Quantum Computers? If not, did the introductory videos provided offer a better understanding of what they are and how they work? What are your thoughts about Geordie Rose presenting the belief that Parallel Universes/Alternate Realities actually exist? Do you think Quantum Computers could be linked to why The Mandela Effect is taking place? Which, if any, of Geordie Rose's predictions do you think will come true? Do you think institutions/corporations have access to these machines and are manipulating realities?