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Up to this point we've had two quizzes, which may or may not have triggered the phenomenon known as The Mandela Effect for you, and discussed two very different theories explaining it — one more grounded in logic, the other focusing on supernatural elements. Maybe you weren't affected at all, but are just coming along for the ride. That's more than okay too. If you happen to be stopping by for the first time, I'd recommend taking some of the quizzes above and/or reading some of the previous explanations. Or not. Either way, we're now shifting into the realm of science fiction...

Parallel Universes

Here we find ourselves in the midst of one of the most popular theories from those who are pro-Mandela Effect. Parallel Universes. The belief that not only are there multiple Universes present, but that the reason people are experiencing the phenomenon is related to those affected somehow shifting between said Universes. Hence the aforementioned Universe E and Universe A, in regards to the highly debated Berenst"x"in Bears conundrum. Understandably, many find the existence of Parallel Universes to be too farfetched (don't worry, more to come!), but it's a theory supported by many respectable, reputed physicists and others within the scientific field, such as Stephen Hawking.

When talking about Parallel Universes, many times they are referenced as being within what is called a Multiverse. The concept of a Multiverse generally (or exclusively?) revolves around two specific theories: String Theory and Quantum Mechanics. Now, I'm not going to pretend I know anything extensive about either, so rather than attempt to explain — and undoubtedly butcher — them, I will allow those far more knowledgeable to do the talking. If you're like me, you may walk away learning a thing or five! If nothing else, hopefully you will find much of the information as intriguing as I do.

First Up...

String Theory

I always enjoy listening to Michio Kaku. This was a very short and sweet clip, which comes from the much longer The Universe in a Nutshell, of his Floating University lecture. Next, if interested, we have a much more in-depth TED Talks presentation given by Brian Greene. In fact, he has been featured a handful of times on TED Talks (I love them, the presentations in general, not specifically Greene's) and can spend an entire evening watching them. I'd recommend this one, if not solely for some information that will become pertinent later in this series.

That is an older presentation, and I'm sure by now there's been many new discoveries made and much more information revealed, but for a detailed introduction into String Theory, it does the trick!

Next, we have some videos focusing on Quantum Mechanics, the first of which is appropriately titled — in my case — for "dummies", which I found to be really thorough. I think? How would I know?! Take a look!

Quantum Mechanics

To be honest, I'd probably have to watch this video a few more times to fully wrap my head around it all. I'm familiar with the Double Slit experiment, which I think is fascinating, but there's so much more to learn. And most everyone has heard of the Schrödinger's Cat thought experiment. While that second experiment was briefly highlighted in the video above, I wanted to share another video specifically focused on it. Try not to feel burdened by the somewhat overlapping information. Maybe the repetition will help it sink in!

I understand this is a lot of information to take in during one sitting. Chances are, even if you are interested in it all, you're still curious as to...

What's All This Got to Do with The Mandela Effect?!

I dunno! Nothing? Everything?! I felt it was important to establish that it's not only so called obsessive, misremembering conspiracy theorists who are open to the possibility of Parallel Universes. Not by a long shot!

In the video above, the breakdown of a Multiverse's proposed models is what I feel is the most important, pertinent information. Out of the three possible explanations of a Multiverse, the third — Many Worlds Theory — is what I believe directly correlates to The Mandela Effect. Let's take a final, closer look at this specific theory.

In the Many Worlds Theory, there is the potential for an infinite number of possibilities. Of Alternate realities. If it's a possibility, it's happening. In the now. An infinite number of Parallel Universes unfolding all at once, but for whatever reason, we are only privy to observing one path. This may or may not be associated with our personal vibrations which we emit (possible more on this later).

With The Mandela Effect, many believe that all of these Parallel Universes exist and that something is causing a multitude of them to either completely merge and/or bleed together. I'm more of a proponent — if it's an actuality — for a bleeding effect rather than a complete merging of two timelines/Universes. For some reason I feel a complete merge would have a more drastic effect that would be unavoidable by the masses. But it's hard to say. It's a really interesting concept, nonetheless!

Rewriting History

But along with the Parallel Universe theory comes the positing that there is actually a someone(s) or something (much like The Devil, discussed earlier in the series) that is either purposely changing things, or causing them to happen inadvertently — a side-effect of sorts. That somehow these alternate realities are being accessed and being fiddled with. Again, some claim nefarious intentions, which when it comes to the purported changes to the King James Version Holy Bible, is kind of hard to completely dismiss.

But who, if from a source more solidly based in reality and not the supernatural? And regardless of the who, how? Even if these Parallel Universes existed, how would someone gain entry into them?

Sometimes the answer is stranger than fiction...

PART SIX: Quantum Computers

Have you ever contemplated the possibility of Parallel Universes? Are you familiar with String Theory? What about Quantum Mechanics? Did you feel the videos provided were useful in explaining the subject matter? Which of the three Multiverse models, if any, rings most true with you? Do you believe that The Mandela Effect could possibly originate from Parallel Universes/Alternate Realities bleeding and/or merging together? If believing Parallel Universes exist, do you think it's possible that someone or something is gaining access to them? Or do you think it's more likely that it's being done accidentally?