Tonight we have a quick entry featuring a movie clip from Tom Cruise's movie, Risky Business. Released in 1983, I can't honestly say whether the movie was a commercial success when released, eventually garnished a cult following, or what. I do remember there being the iconic dance scene in the movie, which seems to be what most people remember most about the film. I, however, remember completely different scenes the most. Scenes which were viewed so many times it likely resulted in the tape of the VHS being embarrassingly worn down to nothing.

Moving on...

So, I admit that this particular scene we are about to examine, while familiar to me, isn't something etched into my memory like it may be for some. I do like the residual evidence others have found revolving around it, though, and am curious what people think of it. In Part 20 of my Con[CERN]ing the Mandela Effect series, I asked the following:

A visualization question for good measure! Do you remember Tom Cruise's iconic dance to Bob Seger's "Old Time Rock and Roll" in Risky Business? If so, imagine it to the best of your ability and watch the clip. Is there anything different than you remember?

How well does it line up with what you remember?

Before I discuss what was different for so many people, I will share a video made by YouTube content creator, MoneyBags73. He does a great job piecing together a compilation of those who also remember the famous dance scene in a slightly different way:

It appears the original movie scene is sans the infamous Ray-Ban Wayfarers, yet so many people mimicking/parodying the moment tend to remember them being a part of the ensemble. Not only that, but some even recall Tom Cruise removing them after a short period of time, throwing them aside while continuing to shake his money maker.

Here's another short video with a few instances of potential residual evidence by YouTube content creator, Perpetual Motion:

Short and sweet.

Another aspect about the ensemble worn that people cite as having changed is the color of Tom Cruise's button-down shirt. In the clip, it's pink. Many recall it being white. In fact, that seems to be what most recreations/parodies tend to display as well. Especially by those people who specifically recall Cruise wearing sunglasses during the dance.

I myself have no strong recollection, but I do find a lot of the residual evidence interesting and compelling. How about you?

Were you a fan of Risky Business? If not, are you still familiar with the iconic dance scene featured? If so, do you recall Tom Cruise with or without sunglasses during it? What about the color of his shirt? Were there other aspects that were different from your memory? What are your thoughts about the residual evidence provided?

Have you found any different residual evidence associated with the subject matter above?