This year during my Jak's Jukebox theme for the A to Z Challenge on Generation Jak I featured the musical artist alt-J. I highlighted a handful of songs from their studio releases and mentioned a new album coming in June.

Well, June is here and RELAXER has arrived!

Needless to say, the girlfriend and I have been listening to the album a lot over the past week or so and we are loving it. There was a song or two I wasn't sure about, but they quickly grew on me. So alt-J continues to be an artist with whom I can confidently say I enjoy their entire roster and if you haven't checked them out yet you should. Their music videos are great as well!

I just wanted to share a couple of songs from the new album (one official music video, the other official audio). Enjoy!

In Cold Blood:


Have you heard of alt-J? If so, do you like their music? Do you have a favorite song? Have you fully listened to RELAXER? Do you have a favorite song from the new release? If new to alt-J, what did you think about some of the videos shared? Are they an artist you think you'd like to hear more of?