Day 15

BEDiM 2013 : DAY 15

(A Blog Every Day in May 2013 Challenge Entry)

Let’s see what we have lined up after our “Happy” list.

Today’s prompt:

Day 15, Wednesday: A Day in the life (include photos from throughout your typical day - this could be "a photo an hour" if you'd like)

Well, considering I’m old-school and have no personal cell phone (let alone a smartphone), the taking of pictures just isn’t going to happen.

I’ll just share my day, which is pretty uneventful.

A Day in the Life

After waking up from a lovely three hours of sleep, I say hello to Crooks — he always lays with me whenever I finally turn in — and get out of bed. Normally I’d just wander around in my boxers, but as I had company I put on some sweatpants and a shirt. I really hate wearing pants. Even comfy sweat/pajama pants. In fact, whenever I come home and am alone (or with intimate/familiar company) the pants come off; sometimes I ask if it’s okay first.

So as soon as my company left, off they went.

I peruse the interwebs. This includes email, Facebook, my blog, and the blogs of others. I reply to comments left on my blog and when able attempt to comment on others. Then I contemplate (at least during May) what I will write about today. This current challenge offers prompts which helps, but I usually don’t set out to writing until about 9pm. Lately 10pm. I’ve been lucky that these prompts have allowed for shorter posts.  Two hours for me to write something up, read, and edit isn’t very much time.

It isn’t long before my pantless relaxation is interrupted by my apartment buzzer. The voice on the intercom is familiar, but it’s a distant familiarity. I ask for a moment, in which I take the time to put my jeans back on and fuss with my hair.

At the door I’m met with an old tenant who was in the area and looking to move back into the apartments. We share a simple exchange. I explain there are no openings that I‘m aware of, but offer her the new property management’s office numbers. They would have a better grasp on any upcoming vacancies. A curt thank you and farewell, and I’m back in my apartment; depantsed. That isn’t a word, but for today it is.

I’m not looking forward to today.

My grandmother’s sister just passed away, and I plan on visiting her (actually I’m there... here... right now as I type this) to see how she is doing and to get information on the upcoming family affair. Seems I’ve had a lot of these in the past six months. Too many, really.

I shower, feed my cat — offering him his routine treat whenever I leave for an extended period of time — pack up my laptop, and head out. On the way I pick up lunch, which is also part of my Grandma Day routine. Though, usually Grandma Day is Monday. Given the circumstances taking place earlier this week, it was shifted to today.

Over lunch my grandmother and I exchange thoughts, feelings, and information. My great aunt’s wake will be tomorrow, the funeral Friday. I’ll have to discuss this with my brother. We had plans to visit a friend tomorrow, but it may work out in the end. I’m prone to skip the wake and attend the funeral. This all will be taking place out of town, so if having to choose one or the other I pick the latter.

9:30am. That’s when I will have to be at my grandmother’s to go along with them to the funeral. Depending on how things go Thursday — likely it’s going to be a late night — the thought of getting up and functioning well before then seems fairly daunting. I will do what I have to, though. I can sleep in the car. I usually don’t have a choice in the matter either way. The falling asleep in the car, that is.

So now I’m currently at my grandmother’s writing up this daily entry. This isn’t exactly a typical day, but close enough. Usually there is a lot less solemn conversation. More fun and laughs.
As for the rest of my day?

I may go visit a local book/card shop that I used to frequent. I’d like to write some fiction, but the somber mood isn’t too conducive. Or is it? I will likely hit the gym tonight after I head home. Fucken gas is $4.19 now. Fuck my nuts, that’s ridiculous. Note to self: try not to drive much this week, or through Memorial Day weekend.

The gym would do me some good to get my mind off of things. We will see.

I really want to work on fiction, so maybe I’ll give that a go. Not long until the midnight deadline for submissions into a contest I have been planning on entering for weeks now. Damn this Blog Every Day in May Challenge!

I’m sorry; it’s not your fault. It’s not you, it’s me. Fiction motivation lapsing. Should have written it in the moment when the idea was fresh and surging in my mind. It’s still there beating, trying to live. Have to help it breathe. There’s been far too much death already.