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A to Z 2017: JOKES

A to Z 2017: JOKES

This year for the A to Z Challenge 2017 I'm trying something completely different... vlogging! That's right, I'll be putting myself out there on YouTube, talking about who knows what for who knows how long! Come join in the conversation as I talk about a variety of topics throughout April.

Let the rambling begin!



Welcome to the 2016 A to Z Challenge on I, Jak! This year's theme is 2016 Highlights, where I will be blogging about things I have been looking forward to this year, whether people, places, or things. Some have already occurred, some are currently happening, and others are yet on the way.

Some topics may be a bit generic (occurring annually), while others will be specific to 2016, so come take a look!

A to Z 2015 : JENGA BOOM

A to Z 2015 : JENGA BOOM

Unfortunately (for me) I don't own any games that begin with "J", and I couldn't think of a game that started with the letter that I'd played either. A handful I've wanted to, but yet to find the opportunity. But the Ladyfolk insisted I feature one of her all time favorite games that she owns, despite attempting to focus on more modern games.

Then again, the selection does have a modern spin to it, and so I conceded. Let's take a look at an explosive variant of a classic...

A to Z 2014 : JAMOCHA

(An A to Z 2014 Challenge Entry)

Just like last year, it doesn’t seem to matter what subject matter i have planned for which letters, it can all change on a whim. My “H” post was originally going to be quite solemn. There is that oft used moniker of EmoJak, and I have a reputation to uphold. That evening the Ladyfolk urged me to focus on a more upbeat topic. I compromised and went middle of the road.

It was hard to pass on the positive swing, because just that night we had a hilarious run-in on our trip to Arby’s. We were in the mood for a snack and some of our regular options weren’t too appealing. Well, technically, by the time we decided to actually go out Dairy Queen was already closed. Their new (but old) confetti cake blizzards are delicious. I plan to eat 15 more between now and the end of the month, when they potentially take it off the menu.

Alright, not really, but I could… I promise you that.

So, Arby’s, and their amazing turnovers, it was. If you’ve never had them, I would recommend giving them a try. They come in apple, cherry, and chocolate (the latter two are what we prefer, though I’m sure the Ladyfolk is more than content with just chocolate), and are — generally — very decent in size. And a buck each.

When the employee working the drive-thru asked us for our order, I had inquired how many each of the cherry and chocolate turnovers they had available. Many times on our late night snack runs Arby’s is already out of these sought after treats. Especially the chocolate ones!

After a few minutes passed, the employee asked if I needed more time decided, and I politely reminded her that I had asked them to check on the turnovers for me. She apologized, not having heard me ask apparently, and went to do so. When giving us their current turnover count, in the background we could hear another employee exclaiming “Why are so many people coming so late to Arby’s!” Mind you, it was only 9pm.

“‘Cause we’re hungry!” I yelled into the intercom, interrupting the girl relaying her findings to me.

I apologized to her, and after connecting the dots, she asked if I had heard her co-worker. Then she was the one apologizing again, possibly thinking we were offended, but the Ladyfolk and I were just laughing. Once getting it out of our system, we gave our order and headed to the window. The cashier took our money and behind her, in the kitchen, I could see her co-worker. I pointed at him, mocking a disgruntled customer, and he waved to me with a pair of tongs, so obviously it would have been rude to not smile and wave back.

When the employee working the drive-thru came back, she asked if we wanted anything, like a shake, which we had been debating when ordering our turnovers. I was a bit taken aback, uncertain of what to say, and I looked my girlfriend with a confused look. Why were they asking us if wanting more while at the window?

It clicked and I looked back to the cashier and asked, “for free?”

She nodded and said she we seemed “pretty awesome” and that most customers would have been upset after hearing that and make a scene, so she wanted to know if we were interested in something extra.

So, this is how we received a free jamocha shake. Being awesome. I only asked for a small, but am sure they would have given us any size we asked for. I was just grateful anything was offered at all. It’s definitely something they didn’t have to do.

It’s apparent that the employees at this local Arby’s are treated really well. The employees are always so happy and fun, joking with one another. The culprit yelling in the background was even the one to deliver our desserts. He explained he had just gotten back from a meeting and all he wanted to do was go smoke a cigarette, but people kept coming through the drive-thru. We laughed and assured him it was not an issue, and that everyone seems to love working there. A few more laughs were shared and we were on our merry to enjoy our turnovers and shake.

And so ends the long version of explaining how we got a free jamocha shake.

Have you ever had Arby’s turnovers before? Jamocha shakes? Have you ever received free food or product from an establishment. If so, why?

A to Z 2013 : THE JAK

A to Z 2013 : THE JAK

There are so many “J” choices to choose from. Like... Just (one I’ve seen many people picking)... Oh! Fun fact: “Just” is the one word I misspell the most over any other. It always comes out “jsut” for some reason. The faster I am attempting to type the more that poor word is butchered. Hmm... there is Jello. Used to love it, but now rarely eat it unless my grandmother makes it. So many... Hmm... I shouldn’t be struggling. Jumbo... makes me think of Crooks.

With so many choices, I suppose this could be viewed as taking the easy way out. That’s because this post will be about me, but honestly, not completely exactly...